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What is Corporate Espionage, Industrial Espionage, Cyber Espionage, and Economic Espionage? The DOJ Explains …

What is Cyber Espionage? Corporate espionage, industrial espionage, and cyber espionage all generally mean the same thing: (1) intentionally targeting or acquiring trade secrets of companies to benefit any foreign government, foreign instrumentality, or foreign agent, (FBI) which means, in simpler terms, (2) espionage conducted to gain a commercial advantage (Wikipedia). What is this not? This […]

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Corporate Espionage: Hacking A Company Through A Chinese Restaurant Takeout Menu

Corporate espionage (industrial espionage) is a favorite topic of mine. I have written and presented on the subject quite a bit and, while I am never sure how my readers react when I write about this, I do carefully watch the look on my audience members’ faces when I first mention the issue. The story […]

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Why is PNC Bank Accusing Morgan Stanley of Corporate Espionage and Trade Secret Theft?

I often write about corporate espionage and trade secrets but I bet some of you may still be trying to imagine real-world scenarios that demonstrate exactly what those terms mean and how they apply. Let me tell you a story and see if it helps it make more sense. Let’s Talk About Your Business Let’s say […]

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Read this explanation of cyber espionage and how it impacts YOUR company

This morning I read an article that I am sharing because it is, in essence, a very high-level overview of the theme of the presentations that Jarrett Kolthoff, David Major, and I recently delivered at the Combating Corporate Espionage: Protecting Your Organization From “hackers, insiders & fraudster” seminar. The article is Blame game: Cyber espionage from […]

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Combating Corporate Espionage Seminar – Prezi and a few thoughts

Today I had the honor of speaking at the Combating Corporate Espionage: Protecting Your Organization From “hackers, insiders & fraudster” seminar with Jarrett Kolthoff and David Major. Jarrett is the CEO of SpearTip Cyber Counterintelligence; he and I have worked together quite a bit so he first impressed me long ago with the depth of his […]

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