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My Interview With Cordell Parvin

This is an interview in which i talk about how i have been working to become more effective at developing my computer fraud, data breach, and privacy expertise and expanding my practice in these areas, as well as the other areas of my practice. The interview was done by Cordell Parvin, a fabulous “lawyer coach” […]

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Are you like Clark Griswold or Ray Lewis?

I have decided to stop being like Clark Griswold with my business development efforts and more like Ray Lewis. If that sounds like the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard just keep reading. I have been working really hard on my business development efforts. Everyone around me knows it. I have devoted a tremendous amount of time […]

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My Experience With Lawyer Coaching

You may be asking yourself why any lawyer would need a coach? I once asked myself this same question. To get to the answer you have to first understand the simple fact that a law practice–any law practice–cannot succeed without clients. In a private law firm practice your clients usually come from two sources: other […]

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