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No, the CFAA Does Not Require Taking Actions to Prevent the Hacking of Others

For all of the things the CFAA may (or may not) require, it does not require taking actions to prevent the hacking of others. We are not (yet) the guardians of the hacking universe! In a factually interesting case that offers a great read on attorney professionalism, the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh […]

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Uncle Sam doesn’t have a clue on data privacy, cyber crime laws, and neither do we!

The point of the article that is the source of the quote below is exactly right: there is no consistency, cohesiveness, or harmony with the cyber crime and data privacy laws. I believe there are several reasons but these are the two that are most prominent: The cyber crime and data privacy laws are a patchwork collection […]

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Here is a “Computer Fraud” Case that is NOT Covered by the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act!

Believe it or not, there really can be a case of “computer fraud” that is NOT covered by the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). Surprised? Let me explain. The CFAA is an “access” crime that requires there to be an unlawful “access” to a computer by either accessing a computer “without authorization” or “exceed[ing] authorized access.” […]

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Collin County Bench Bar Presentation on Cyber Risks to Lawyers #CCBBF

This morning I have the privilege of speaking at the Collin County Bench Bar Conference and talking with a tremendous group of Collin County Judges and Lawyers about the risks that lawyers, their clients, and their law practices face from data insecurity issues. Here is the Prezi presentation that I will be using – take […]

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Why is PNC Bank Accusing Morgan Stanley of Corporate Espionage and Trade Secret Theft?

I often write about corporate espionage and trade secrets but I bet some of you may still be trying to imagine real-world scenarios that demonstrate exactly what those terms mean and how they apply. Let me tell you a story and see if it helps it make more sense. Let’s Talk About Your Business Let’s say […]

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