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Two Step Data Breach Risk Test for Texas Businesses

Does your business have this digital information about other people? 1. last name + first name or first initial + social security number, driver’s license number, or other government issued identification, or account or card numbers + access codes, or 2. information that identifies an individual + concerns a health condition or healthcare  If you answered […]

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Breach Notifications Should Focus On Preserving The Customer Relationship First, Then On Legal Requirements

When responding to a data breach, the company has two primary objectives that must be balanced: (1) complying with the legal notification and remediation requirements; and (2) preserving its relationship with its customers. In my opinion, the second is always the most important because if the business fails, we too have failed. In order to […]

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So, your business has never had a data breach? Have you ever had an employee leave?

TAKEAWAY: Businesses must protect their data from being taken by anyone who is not authorized to have it — insiders and outsiders alike. If their data is taken in a way that is unauthorized, it is a data breach. When a former employee leaves with a thumb drive, Gmail inbox, or Dropbox of your businesses’ […]

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Texas’ Amended Data Breach Notification Law

Texas amended its existing data breach notification law which became effective on September 1, 2012. The relevant section of the law is titled “Notification Required Following Breach of Security of Computerized Data” and is found at Section 521.053 of the Texas Business and Commerce Code. The main body of the law provides as follows: (b)  A […]

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Data Breach – Who’s Gonna Get It?

The message–that’s what I’m talking about–who’s gonna get the message sent to them first? UPDATE: Global Payments Inc. April 2012 Data Breach Costs $94 MILLION! Data breaches, hacking, and privacy are one of the biggest news stories for 2011 and we are just just barely through the first half of the year. By now even […]

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