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Recent Presentations

Since the late ’90s, I have had the pleasure of being invited to speak on a variety of legal topics, many of which have included legal issues related to developing technology. These topics have included the creation and enforceability of electronic contracts and signatures, issues surrounding the Y2K concerns (that never really came to pass), employee Internet use policies for businesses and other organizations, and methods for using the Internet and other technology for increasing the profitability of existing businesses. More recently, I have given several presentations on computer fraud and cyber crime, cybersecurity and data breaches, corporate espionage and trade secret misappropriation, and social media law. The following are some of my recent presentations with links to the presentation slides (where possible):

  • Cybersecurity: Strategies for Compliance & Mitigation of Cyber Risk, Collin County Bench Bar Conference2015 (5/16/15) (slides)
  • Keynote Presenter, The Most Current Cybersecurity Threats: Don’t Be the Next Victim, Annual ACFE Fraud Conference, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) (5/15/15) (slides)
  • Keynote Speaker: Business Cyber Risk: Threats, Compliance & Cyber Insurance, International Association of Insurance Professionals (DFW Chapter) (5/12/15)
  • Social Media Law: Rules, Gotchas, and Key Policies, Hubspot (national webinar) (4/17/15) (slides)
  • What’s Changed in Texas Privacy Law, Why It’s Important, and What Your Office Can Do To Ensure Compliance, Texas Dental Association webinar (4/17/15) (contact for slides)
  • Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence Sharing Panel Discussion with Congressman Michael McCaul, Chair of Homeland Security Committee, Panelist, University of Texas, Austin, Tx (4/9/15)
  • The Dark Net: Healthcare Practice Data at Risk, Texas Dental Association webinar (2/24/15) (contact for slides)
  • Simple Ways to Effectively Use Social Media to Help Build Your Law Practice, Legal Marketing Association (LMA) (webinar with Cordell Parvin) (2/15) (link)
  • Private Presentation on Overview of My Cybersecurity Practice (2/15) (link)
  • Cybersecurity | Data Privacy – The Impact on Your Law Practice, Making Your Practice Work Seminar, Collin County Bar Association (1/29/15) (link)
  • Private Presentation on Cybersecurity Strategy to Annual Board Meeting of major international corporation, Miami, Fla (12/14)
  • Walking the Straight and Narrow: Strategies to comply with state, federal, and international privacy laws (lawyers panel), Strengthening the Weak Link: Cyber Security Essentials for the C-Suite Conference, North Texas Crime Commission (10/16/14) (link)
  • Keeping Your Healthcare Practice “Off the Hook”  – Is Your Practice “On the Hook” Webinar Series for Texas Dental Association and Oklahoma Dental Association, Smart Training LLC (9/10/14) (slides available upon request)
  • Social Media Law: It is Real and, Yes, Really Can Impact Your Business, Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG) (national webinar) (8/14/14) (slides)
  • Using Social Media in Your Law Practice, 3rd Annual Outstanding Women Lawyers’ Roundtable (6/6/14) (Prezi)
  • Combating Corporate Espionage, Cyber Fraud and Data Breaches: Case Studies and The Law , Dallas CPA Society Convergence 2014 (5/8/14) (slides available upon request)
  • Combating Cyber Fraud, Data Breaches & Corporate Espionage, Renaissance Executive Forums (5/8/14) (slides)
  • Cyber Fraud, Data Breaches, Corporate Espionage: How They Impact Your Law Practice, Collin County Bench Bar Conference (5/3/14) (Prezi)
  • Using Social Media in Your Law Practice, Collin County Bar Association, General Bar (5/16/14) (Prezi)
  • Using Social Media in Your Law Practice, Collin County Bar Association, Law Practice Management Section (4/28/14) (Prezi)
  • Data Breach! Hacking! Corporate Espionage! — Are You Listening Yet???, Collin County Bar Association, Corporate Counsel Section (4/25/14) (Prezi)
  • Digital Information Law & Your Business, The Alternative Board (4/1/14) (slides)
  • The Legal Side of Data Breach and Third Party Risk, Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) 9th Annual Fraud Summit (3/28/14) (slides)
  • Espionage & The Law, Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) 2nd Annual IIA Super Conference (10/25/13) (slides available upon request)
  • Combating Corporate Espionage – Data Breach (and the law) (10/24/13) (Prezi)
  • The Law Online – Posting Gone Wild!, Parenting Paper<less Conference (10/19/13) (slides)
  • Fraud 2.0 – Overview and Update of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and a Few Lessons About Data Breaches, Privacy, Data Security, and eCommerce Committee of the State Bar of Texas (8/28/13) (slides)
  • Anatomy of a Data Breach – What To Do When The Unthinkable Occurs, Texas Dental Association & Smart Training LLC (7/31/13) (Prezi)
  • Fraud 2.0 – Helping Businesses Prepare for Computer Fraud and Data Breaches, The IMA – Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business (5/16/13) (slides)
  • The Dark Side of Social Media, 1st Tuesday Connections (4/13)
  • Social Media Law, PlayMaker’s Radio Talk Show (3/13) (audio recording)
  • Social Media Law – It is Real and, Yes, Really Can Impact Your Business, MENG – Marketing Executives Networking Group (11/9/12) (slides)
  • Fraud 2.0 – An Overview of the Laws that Help Businesses and Individuals Combat Computer Fraud, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) (11/8/12) (slides)
  • Social Media Law – It is Real and, Yes, Really Can Impact Your Business, Social Media Breakfast – Dallas (8/30/12) (video)
  • Social Media Law – The Legal Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media, TrustPoint Management Group (8/10/12) (slides)
  • The Evolving Computer Fraud and Abuse Act – An Overview and Update of Recent Activity, Dallas Bar Association Computer Law Section (4/23/12) (slides)
  • Computer Fraud and Abuse Act – A Lunch Sampler With a Little Something for Everyone, Dallas Bar Association Computer Law Section (8/22/11) (slides)


I am an avid writer which is the reason that I have decided to start blogging and, therefore, set up this website! While most of my writing has been informal, I have authored several published works. My publications have been cited by several courts (including the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit), professional practice guides, and text books and are listed below:

Media & References

  • ComputerWorld quoted me in A year after Swartz suicide, reform of anti-hacking law remains elusive — Calls for changing the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act have made little headway
  • InsideCounsel quoted me in an article titled Decision Deepens Circuit Split on Scope of CFAA its June 2012 issue concerning the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the recent opinion by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in U.S. v. Nosal.
  • I was quoted concerning privacy and social media issues in an article entitled Who Owns Your LinkedIn Profile? It Might Not Be You that was published in ForbesBNETPC World, and other news sources.
  • The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit cited Law in Texas Literature: Texas Justice-Judge Roy Bean Style in the case Buntion v. Quarterman, 524 F.3d 664 (5th Cir.  2008).
  • In 2003, when the issue of enforceability of contracts entered into over the Internet was still an issue, a Virginia Circuit Court cited Contracting Over the Internet in Texas in the case Trinity Homes, LLC v. Fang, 63 Va. Cir. 409 (Va. Cir. Ct. Nov. 13, 2003).
  • In addition to the courts, my articles have been referenced by the Federal Sentencing Reporter, American Association of Law Schools Section on Contracts and cited in the following Law Review Journals:  New York University Law Review, Harvard Journal on Legislation, Columbia Science and Technology Law Review, Texas Law Review, Michigan State University Journal of Medicine & Law, Drexel Law Review, Journal of Technology Law & Policy, McGeorge Law Review, Baylor Law Review, Fidelity Law Journal, University of Chicago Legal Forum, Seton Hall Constitutional Law Journal, Regent University Law Review, South Dakota Law Review

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