Does Data Security Have Your Healthcare Practice “On the Hook”?

I recently had the pleasure of presenting in a webinar series titled Is Your Practice “On the Hook?” to members of the Texas Dental Association and the Oklahoma Dental Association. Key points of the presentation, which focused on cyber security and data breaches in the healthcare industry, explained why protected health information (PHI) and electronic healthcare […]

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Expect the Celebrity Nude Photo Hacker to be Prosecuted Under CFAA–Just Like Revenge-Porn King Hunter Moore

How will the “hacker” who stole celebrity nude photos be prosecuted?  Hacking is nothing new, scores of American businesses face it everyday. People could care less unless it is their own data that has been breached. But, when celebrities are involved — and nude photos of celebrities at that — it is a much different […]

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Yes, an Employee Really Can Steal Your Data and Then SLAPP You for It?

Yes, in California it just happened! The fact that this happened in California should be of no comfort to Texas businesses, however, because the Texas Anti-SLAPP law comes from California and, therefore, California jurisprudence is considered persuasive authority in Texas. This means that in the not so distant future Texas employees could steal their employers’ data […]


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ISIS Selfies Demonstrate the Connection Between Social Media and Business Situational Awareness

What is Situational Awareness? A Navy SEAL describes situational awareness in this way: “[i]n military-speak, situational awareness is defined as the ability to identify, process, and comprehend the critical elements of information about what is happening to the team with regard to a mission. More simply, it’s being aware of what is going on around you.” […]

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Excellent Information = 5 Easy Ways to Get Sued Over Online Content & Social Media

My friend Deb McAlister is a professional writer who has been writing about law and technology issues since before most of us had even considered putting the two words together in the same sentence. The following article is one that she wrote on practical social media legal issues — social media law — and while […]

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